Monday, 7 May 2012

Back to the UK.....

Well here we are back in the UK.
Stu was kind enough to pick us up from Heathrow Airport at 8pm.  He then took us home to Alderminster in Warwickshire and put us up for the night.  The next morning Stu & Holly took us for a wee countryside walk.  Very nice indeed, and on our return Amanda repaired a bad hair cut for Holly, then cut Stu's hair with a running commentary that provided Holly with the necessary instructions on how to cut his hair in the future.  Stu was clearly elated!  Ha ha! 

Saturday evening we arrived at Kesh & Steve's and were submerged into a huge gathering of almost 20 friends.  It felt rather daunting having spent the last 4 months in fairly quiet surroundings.  We were much quieter than we would normally have been, which was no doubt caused by the fact we were both carrying a little tiredness from the previous days 24 hours awake travelling stint.  We hit the hay at 10.30pm as the party carried continued until the early hours.  Our travelling ear plugs drowned out the fun and frolics below, and we were both asleep in minutes.
Yesterday (Sunday) was a much tamer affair.  Amanda cut and coloured one of our friends hair, and we performed Thai massage one at a time on Kesh, Becki and Marc throughout the day.  Great practise!

Thanks so much to Stu, Holly, Kesh & Steve for their ever present generosity in homing the travelling gypsies.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.  Much love to you all.

We have our rucksacks, the big massage mat and a couple of smaller bags to get back to my Mum & Dad's on the Isle of Man.  We also want to bring our bicycles with us, as we intend to be there for a few months before heading off for another adventure mid September.  I will be the main pack horse.  loaded up with the heavy rucksack, the massage mat, various other bags and food no doubt.  Amanda will have her rucksack.  We will cycle the 2 miles to the train station from Steve & Kesha's home, then take the railway to Birmingham New Street Station, where we will need to change..... Inconvenient with all our luggage and bicycles, but we'll manage.  We then head to Liverpool on the connecting train, where we will cycle from Liverpool Lime Street Station to Albert Docks to get on the 7pm ferry to the Isle of Man.  It will be a tougher journey than the one from Bangkok to London Heathrow, where I just sat and watched 6 movies one after another.  No lugging of bags, or balancing on a bike, all fairly straight forward really.  Nothing like a challenge to finish a travelling adventure.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fishing... Thai Tailoring and Coming Home....

I decided to explore another couple of fishing destinations over our final days in Thailand, though this time I decided to stay a little nearer to Chiang Mai. Dream Fishing was one venue. A small densely stocked water 8 km's outside Chiang Mai. It contains huge examples of various species of fish, many of which are native to the Mekong River and many which come from South America. Paradise Lake is small water less than 7 acres too, and it's not the sort of lake I would ever fish back home. I've never liked fishing side by side on a stocked fish pond stocked full to the brim especially for the anglers to catch.
Having left Amanda to her own devices at 11.30am, I expected to be at the lake by 12pm at the latest. An hour shooting up and down highway 11 with not even a hint of a sign for Dream Fishing's Paradise Lake I happily gave up, and headed toward an all together wilder venue. Another huge reservoir 21 miles North East of Chiang Mai.
I pulled back the throttle and headed up Highway 118. After 30 minutes I thought it strange