Sunday, 11 March 2012

Silent Meditation Retreat.....

This morning was crazy, an emotional rollercoaster.  Tears, raised voices, confusion, the whole works.  Amanda had her heart set on the Silent Meditation Retreat, but we'd heard nothing.  We were currently in the sweat pit of Phnom Penh..... and I desperately wanted out.   We came here to sort a 60 day visa for Thailand, but at 11.45am we began rethinking our plans, just for a change, and heading to
Malaysia, obtaining a visa at Kuala Lumpar..... 
As I was in the process of booking a flight to KL, an email flashed up in my inbox.  It was a response from the retreat, the one Amanda had her heart set on. The only problem being

we have to be there by 2pm tomorrow.  
We are now at the Phnom Penh airport having coughed up £200 for flights to Bangkok, we then have to board a train to Surat Thani, then a bus to the ferry, then a ferry to Koh Phagnan......
Check out the schedule below.  Amanda will manage no problem, but will I???  Or will I just go insane!  Start your bets!!!  Ha ha!
We'll be off the radar for 11 days if we make it there in time, which you can all assume we will!  It should be an experience if nothing else.  I'm more worried about the night time temperatures than anything.... 28 degrees celcius at night.... Good Lord!  Wish me luck!
Rules & Restrictions:
There are certain basic requirements expected of all retreatants. The most important are:
  • Everyone is to remain silent in all forms of communication except with the teachers or in emergencies. No talking, reading, writing or body sign language with others. Silence can aid greatly in the development of Awareness, Concentration, Insight and Understanding. Our energies are thus directed inward rather than outward.
  • Everyone is expected to follow the schedule of activities.
  • Everyone must stay within the monastery grounds.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Usage of cell phones is not allowed.
  • No illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Tai chi, any martial arts, dance routines, etc. are not allowed.
  • Out of respect to the Thai monastic tradition and to provide a favorable environment for meditation, clothing must be appropriate: non-transparent and covering the body fully, from shoulders to below knees. Loose clothing is most comfortable for meditation and exercises.
Special note: the retreats are "intensive" meditation retreats. Rosemary and Steve reserve the right to not accept a person for a retreat if they feel the retreat would not be appropriate at that time for that person.
On other occasions, rather than not accepting someone, Steve and Rosemary have come to understand that there are certain types of retreatants who simply need more help to be able to complete the retreats. In these cases, those retreatants will have to agree to extra conditions in order to strengthen their commitment to do the retreat.


  1. I Hope you make it, the retreat sounds amazing, I would love to go somewhere like that, however i'm sure amanda will find humour in the idea of me being quiet for any length of time...sounds like your having a fantastic tour of some amazing places, glad its going well :) xx

    1. Ha ha! Like me then Matt.
      The Geordie Guy, Nigel, was pretty sure I'd be first out, within a couple of days, having met, chatted and laughed with me (at me?) on the first evening.
      OOOOOOoooooh and he was soooo wrong.
      Who'd have thought I could keep my gob shut for so long eh?
      Cheers for reading Matt.
      Take care.