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Koh Phangan Post Silence..... Blah, Blah,Blahhhhhh - Pictures to Come

The group hung together for a few more days, Maxime (Quebec) & Kirse (Kier-say from Finland) being the last ones to move on.  Great company for the entire Post Silence Koh Phangan Movement.  Big Marten (6ft 7) from the Netherlands also joined us for another evening meal, which was great, as he is a very interesting man.

We didn't expect to enjoy Koh Phangan quite as much as we did, we imagined it to be a party island, but that turned out to simply not be the case.  The island is peaceful and beautiful with a heavy swaying toward Alternative Therapies and Healing along with lots of places to practise various forms of Yoga.
Amanda has never been an 'Early Bird' but since The Retreat, the alarm has been going off at 5.30am each morning for a dawn meditation session.
Sea Slug Silently Stalks Meditator.....

Unbelievable! This alarm admittedly has on some occasions been reset to 6am, then again to 6.30am but the intention was there, and she was usually up on the first calling.  I usually rose at 7am and performed a 30 minute meditation, arse placed into a nice mound of sand on the beach, legs crossed in front, hands resting loosely on the knees.  The gentle lapping of the waves on the beach were very relaxing indeed, aiding mental clarity and peacefulness.  This could not be said about the socially challenged group of dogs which gathered each morning, fighting, frolicking and humping one another, amidst prolonged bouts of intense growling.  On occasion if Amanda or I were very lucky indeed, the bout of growling and snarling would happen within a metre or so of our faces.  Slightly unnerving whilst you are trying to concentrate, be at ease, clear the mind.  The growls were always aimed at the other dogs, and the majority of the time this led to nothing.  Definitely a case of 'the bark is worse than the bite.'

Most mornings we attended an outdoor Yoga session, which started at 9am.  It over looked a small tidal bay with a rocky outcrop on either side.  The small shelter consisting of a red painted concrete floor, sheltered by a
banana leaf roof supported by wooden columns; a wind chime hanging from one of the horizontals gently tinkled in the breeze  -  a perfect yoga setting.  This setting was ample to sit six Yogis on mats, anymore and legs and arms were becoming entangled.

Bond Girl spotted on beach in Koh Phangan!
Initially when we departed The Retreat there were 7 of us, we managed to inhabit no less than 4 different bungalows at See Tanu (the little tropical garden area we resided at).  Our third, being for just Amanda and I was riddled with mosquitoes.  The large gaps between the wooden slatted floor was as big a temptation to our pulmonary system supping buddies as a night at an abattoir.  Amanda was munched to bits.  This little shack was also costing us 500 baht per night.  We informed the owner of the mozzie problem, and he moved us to a rather grand white concrete bungalow.  These would normally be much more expensive than 500 baht (a little over a tenner), more like 850 or more.  It's shiny white tiled floor and spacious living area made us feel like a King and Queen.  It even had air conditioning..... When I went to pay for it, the owner (Belgian) told me he'd do it for the same price as the wooden, hole filled hovel  -  400 baht!!!  Bargain.  He'd obviously forgotten he'd been overcharging us for the mozzie shack.

We explored the beaches on of the West Coast, sampling the food here and there as we gave our little moped a good work out on the Koh Phangan's 'Big Dipper' style roads.

Roads End Rather Abruptly on Koh Phagnan
Late one morning on one of the more beautiful beaches I spent an hour snorkeling over the reefs just off the beach.  I free dived to around eight or nine metres, swimming between the huge coral formations, amongst the shoals of immature barracuda and other tiny tropical beauties.  Really I was hoping to encounter a shark as I ventured further out on to the more distance reef sections.  All I managed to encounter was slight sunburn to the backs of my legs.

Amanda had a couple of ThetaHealing sessions with a French monsieur who was well practised in this method of Healing, and sounding sexy.  ThetaHealing is a type of healing based somewhere between meditation, hypnosis and prayer I suppose..... Of course I have summarised this in very concise layman's terms.  There is currently a ThetaHealing book resting beside me that is over 250 pages long!!!  I need to do some reading!!!  I do know that Theta Waves are the brain waves that come after Beta and Alpha, and that they are a meditative, almost daydreaming state...... That's all I know for now.

Big & Strong  -  But it was the Elephant we were there to see!
So basically Koh Phangan has been a solace of rest and recuperation after the Silent Meditation Retreat.  We have meditated at our own pace, and enjoyed yoga and Thai food.  This little break has been an absolute joy.

Tomorrow we head back to the mainland on three and half hour ferry trip, then on a ten hour bus ride to Bangkok, then a 12 hour bus ride back up to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand for our Thai Massage Course, which begins on Monday!

Lovely Spot for a Thai Curry & Salad.... and Long Island
Iced Tea.... and a Beer!!!

Hope you enjoyed your taste of Summer in the UK!
We hope to bring it back with us in May.

Catch up soon xxx.

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